Structural Engineering

With professional and world-class engineering skills, technical back up and in-depth knowledge of current design standards, we deliver the best, most resilient and efficient structures for any type of buildings, structures and constructions in the most challenging conditions. Structural Engineer in Brisbane

Structural Engineer in Brisbane
Structural Engineer in Brisbane
What we do
  • Structural Modeling, Analysis and Design of new structures
  • Structural Detailing, Drafting
  • Structural analysis and assessment of existing structures
  • Structural inspections, Assessment and reports
  • Consultation and design solutions for extensions, Renovation and Rehabilitation of existing Structures
  • Wind and Seismic Engineering
  • Engineering certifications(RPEQ/CPEng) Form12, Form15 and Form 16

Areas of Expertise

    • Steel structures (Industrial, commercial and residential)
    • Concrete buildings and structures (Industrial, commercial and residential)
    • Concrete Footing and pile designs
    • Timber designs
    • Retaining walls and earth retaining systems
    • Post tension systems
    • Pre cost panels
    • Value engineering
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Handrails, bullustrades, Platforms, mezzanine floors
    • Modular buildings
    • Steel Storage structures

Structural Engineer in Brisbane

How we do

Providing the initial inspections prier to the planning and providing the best possible solutions to your needs.

Designing the concept structure with the required features and artistic designs.

Designing the final engineering design with precise measurements and details for the construction.