Fabrication Drawing Services in Brisbane

Fabrication Drawings / Shop Drawings

We offer all the drafting services to our esteemed clients. Our service of delivering complete fabrication drawings / shop drawings will be the key factor for precise and fast delivery for any steel structure. This service is undoubtedly one of the most important when it comes to the necessary parts and materials for a steel project, as well as ensuring that structure is built to comply with the relevant standards and specifications on schedule without delay. Fabrication Drawing Services in Brisbane

Engineers can better comprehend the specifications for a structural steel project by using steel fabrication drawings. Fabrication drawings are created as part of the steel detailing process to identify the sizes of the structural steel as well as the pertinent connections needed for the construction.

We provide all your required designs and drawings with the guidance of professional engineers, designers and draftsmen. Fabrication Drawing Services in Brisbane

Fabrication Drawing Services in Brisbane
Fabrication Drawing Services in Brisbane
What information is contained in fabrication drawings?
  • Assembly drawings: these drawings display the dimensions of the steel beam and plate placements, the kind and size of the welds, the location and size of the holes, the part numbers, and the type of steel finishing.
  • Part drawings: Drawings for a single dimensionally distinct part are known as single part drawings. Instead of a whole assembly drawing that provides more information about the entire build, this could be a plate, column, beam, channel, or other specific component. This includes laser cut parts in .DXF format for ease of manufacturing.
How we do

We provide detailed assembly plans, erection drawings, bill of materials, and structural 3D models.

Our draftsmen for steel fabrication deliver drawings with all the required details for the manufacturing.

All the required professional consultations for your fabrications and structural designing.